Be Your the Lead Mare of Your Business

Be you. Find your herd. More Business, Better.

Are you not selling as much as you know you could be? 90% of the problem is likely in your messaging. I can help. I write copy for a living. The most important element of that copy? You. The second most important is your audience. I research your audience and market until my eyes bleed. Then I write copy that sells authentically and consistently… for you.

The 3 Key Elements to a  Wildly Successful Online Business:

1. You & your product (or service).

2. An audience of potential buyers.

3. A winning message that sells your product again and again to your ideal audience.

It’s a short list. And a very simple concept; 

You have these five things, then you have a business.

But… There’s A Rub…

The first and last items on this list are arguably the most overlooked by online businesses, but also the most important; you and the way you deliver your business. 

Are you sharing on social media… honestly & consistently?

Are you selling in the right market places… and speaking to the right herd?

Are you building your community… and delivering a message they can hear?

Whether you’re selling lightbulbs to electricians or a self-help course; everything comes down to you and the way you make your customers feel… because, at the end of the day, it’s about them, their experience; you’re just delivering them something that should enhance their life. 

Who you are, who your customers are and that relationship in the middle where you meet… that. is. everything.

Who you are; your story; your message; your why; your passion: 

You CREATE your business.

Next important to that, are your customers; 

Who they are; their story; their messages; their whys; their passions:

They ARE your business.

Now, merge the two together. This becomes a dance. 

Who you are is why people do business with you. Especially if you are a small business. It’s like dating. They want to know what you stand for, what you like… your customers want to relate to you. The want to feel better about THEMSELVES by doing business with YOU. 

All of this needs to be tied into your marketing. Whether it’s on social media, your blog or in the elevator with a random person.

You are your brand. Forget the fancy colors and logo. The reasons you’re in business is what people want to hear more of. They WANT to feel like better people for using your service or buying your product. And this starts with you. 

But how do you share who you are, have an online presence and automate your business without coughing up some major dough OR selling out your heart and soul for some expensive online ads and pretty web pages?

Insert Lead Mare Studio.

Keep Your Heart & Soul & Focus

WHILE Building a Profitable Online Business.

That’s what I do.  

My name is Samantha and I have worked in the digital business world since 2010. I created Lead Mare Studio because I have a passion for helping others create clear messaging for their small businesses that amplifies their voice and connects directly with their buyers.

But it all stems back to YOU and what will work for you. I’ve learned the hard way that you will always see the most success if you build a business around a person… not a person around a business.

If you’re a small business your voice can be drowned out by all the expensive noise of this world. 

So what’s the answer?


I’ll tell you WHY this is and HOW to do it.

I only work with those with heart. 

Mine and yours. 

Then we use that heart to focus a lot on just two goals:

1. Amplifying your messaging.

2. Making that ^^ task doable, easy and consistent throughout your business with elequent & direct copy. (I’ll even help you with some of the tech if you need me to).

Spend less time working and more time riding (or living, fishing, camping… pick your poison! But LIVE your LIFE). Build an online business that works for you. I can help.

But what’s a horse got to do with it?

In the wild a lead mare flicks her ear and the entire herd pays attention. 

Is your herd paying attention? Are you taking care of your leads & customers? 

They will determine the true value of your work and whether or not you ever turn a real profit. 

Lead Mare Studio is the result of my years in online education, digital marketing and virtual business… finally coming together to combine with my equine love affair. 


Well, the very short story is that I’ve loved horses since I was little but never had my own. Rode for years and then life got in the way and I stopped… 

In 2013 I landed in San Diego and the day after I moved here two women on horseback rode by my house. They offered me to come riding with them and introduced me to my now instructor and close friend. Fast forward years later and I adopted an Arabian rescue horse named Dubai who has forever changed my life. 

What the heck does that have to do with digital business?

Well, there’s that saying that if you create a life from doing what you love, you never work a day in your life. I love horses and how direct they are. Business done well should be very much of the same. Direct and with a lot of heart. 

I love taking the complicated world of digital business and simplifying it. Keeping things clean and clear and understandable = massive success. There is a need for this in the digital business world in a HUGE way. If people don’t know who you are and what you’re selling – you’re lost. I see this on the front, side, middle and backend of businesses. 

Horses will be the first to show you: Life just isn’t as hard or complicated as you’re trying to make it.  

Stop it. 

Same thing with your business. 

Stop making it so damn complex. 

Show people who you are using a simply crafted message and clear content… I can help you. 

Is your herd paying attention?

In business your prospective customers and current customers are your herd. 

Much like A lead mare flicks her ear and the entire herd pays attention…. you need your herd to hear you in order for your online business to survive.

Are you taking care of them? 

What do you stand for in your business? Does your herd know that?

Success stems from what you stand for and who you show up as.

And is that all being represented properly within your online business? Does your copy on your website make sense? Is your offer clear?

Do your email campaigns, social media efforts, sales funnel and overall online presence work WITH what you DO and who you ARE? 

Are your priorities in check? Is your message clear to your herd?

Want some help?

Let’s Talk About Your Brand & I’ll Write the Perfect Copy for YOU.

Shoot me an email and we’ll schedule some time to talk about your vision and goals.